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User driven design

Ostomy care today

For many of the 1.000.000 people with an ileostomy, a stoma bag has been a source of discomfort in their daily lives. Despite this, the healthcare industry has not provided alternatives to the stoma bag, leaving users with few options to choose between.

We believe in innovating in spaces its needed most and in empowering those with ileostomies with a more comfortable, flexible alternative.

People have described a 30% lower quality of life in relation to stoma bag care.

From the users
Kasper, 35
The stoma bag is the only available solution, but it is not a good fit for me. There is so little innovation in this area – I am really grateful that you look into this area.
Karina, 38
I am socially handicapped by the bag of stool on my stomach. If I could just get a few hours without the bag once in a while it would be fantastic.
Bettina, 47
It has stolen my femininity - I have become body shy and because of the bag I can’t wear the clothes I like.

Our solution

Ampa Medical believes that all people should feel empowered to live freely and move with confidence. Life after ostomy shouldn’t mean a low quality of life.

Ampa Medical pioneers flexible solutions that give users an alternative to the stoma bag, so they have more freedom, control, and comfort in everyday life.

Discrete construction

Our discrete design empowers users to wear the clothes they want, move as they please, and live confidently.

Safe, hygienic design

By removing the stoma bag, our hygienic design minimizes risk of skin complications and leakage.

Comfortable solution

Compared to the stoma bag, our comfortable, flexible solution enables an easy and timesaving ostomy care.

Free from the stoma bag

It’s time to empower people with ileostomies with a better alternative.

About us

We are healthcare professionals, grounded in science. Our efforts are focused on innovating in spaces where it’s needed most and are dedicated to empowering those with ileostomies around the world.